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Pakistani Chicken Cholay  Recipe

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Chicken Cholay Recipe

Chicken Cholay Recipe .Learn how to cook best and tasty Chicken Cholay. An easy way and tips how to cook Chicken Cholay at home .Detail of ingredients of Chicken Cholay and instruction.


Chicken -half Kg
White Boiled Cholay 1kg
onion 5-6
Solid Black Paper 4-5
Dar Cheney 1
Black Elaichy 1
Long 2-3
Ginger 2-3
Red Chili -to taste
Salt -to taste
Green Chili -5-6
Oil -on ur Need
Sookha Dhania
Gram Masala


Sb cey pehlay Onion, sabat kali Mirch, Alaichy, Long, Lehsan ko 1 Daigchy mai dalain or ic main 3-4 Cup Pani dal kr 15-20 Mints k liay Paknay dain.
Then 1 daigchy mai Chicken,Pisi hui Kali Mirch or thora sa Nmak or itna pani dal kr choolhay pr rkh dai k Chicken Gl jay or pani sookh jay ic kk bad Chicken ki Chotay chotay cey Joway kr lai.
jb Onion boil ho jay Icay Graind kr lai achi trah cy.
1 Daigchy main oil grm kr lain phir ic mai Zeera,Lall Mirch,Namak,Sabat Dhania dal dain laikin khayal rhay k Lall Mirch Oil mai Jl na jay ic k bad ic mai Graind kia hua Onion dal dain or Dheemy AAnch pr Bhoon lain.
Jb oil nikl aye to ic main boin chanay dal dain or thory dair k liay pknay dain.
jb Oil achi trah cey nikl aye to icay Dish main Nikal kr ic k ooper Peesa hua Gram Masala dal dain or phir Chicken k Sluices k sath Garnish kr dain.
Very Tasty "Chicken Cholay" is ready